How To Book A Scan

Who can book a scan?

Please be aware that I will only scan animals at a veterinary surgeon’s request. You cannot book me if you are an owner of an animal directly – but please feel free to show your vet practice my details if you come across this website!

Please contact me prior to booking to arrange a Coronavirus protocol specific to your practice to make sure we all reduce the risk and to get a price list. 

What equipment does the practice require?

I use the practice’s own machine or a machine I am reviewing. I have used everything from ex-NHS machines to equine tendon scanning machines to top-notch machines and all of them are capable of getting some information, but it has to be admitted some do also do have their limits! Don’t worry about whether your machine is not up to scratch – it may still be able to get useful information for your case!

What scans and procedures can Camilla do?

In abdominal scans I include – liver, gallbladder, spleen, kidneys, adrenal glands, aorta and caudal vena cava, medial iliac lymph nodes, jejunal lymph nodes, stomach, pyloroduodenal junction, duodenum, jejunum, ileum, ileocaecocolic junction, colon, right limb, left limb and body of the pancreas. In addition where necessary and possible I will look at reproductive organs, bile ducts, and signs of a PSS.

My cardiac scans for acquired diseases include a right-sided parasternal long axis 4 chamber and 5 chamber view and short-axis views. I will also look at left-sided views of the heart and assess lungs for signs of pulmonary oedema.

I perform procedures such as taking ultrasound-guided fine needle aspirates and biopsies, cystocentesis, abdominocentesis, pericardiocentesis, prostatic washes etc.

My reports contain measurements that can be used for comparison at a later date. The report is sent within 24 hours of leaving the practice.

How many scans can Camilla do in one day and how frequently do I visit practices?

Some practices I am at weekly, some monthly and others more sporadically – I am happy with all of these scenarios. Grouping scans onto one day is useful, particularly in Covid-19 times. I currently only visit one practice a day, so I can ensure no cross-contamination between practices. My maximum is about 8 scans in a day, but it does depend on the cases. 

What further information do we need to discuss?

If you want to know more please get in touch [email protected] and I can send a price list and the specific visit cost for your practice. We need to make a Coronavirus protocol specific to your practice’s layout and staff etc. 

I’ve got all the information – how do I book?

Click on the button below, find your practice and follow the instructions to book a suitable time slot.

consent form can be emailed to patients or printed for them on the day.

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