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cpd learn to scan ultrasound courses veterinary ultrasound May 11, 2023
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I’ve said it before: Veterinary ultrasound is an essential skill that can be life-saving, and guess what... FUN TOO!

Now before you start thinking I’m totally crazy for suggesting that looking at fuzzy images on a screen with an alien-looking probe thing could be fun, how about you sneak five minutes of peace and quiet to read this blog post? You can tell your receptionist, your partner, your pet, or whoever is vying for your attention that you're "catching up on patient notes" (wink wink)!


The Importance of Veterinary Ultrasound


Let’s start with the obvious - you already know that ultrasound is super important in providing the best possible care for our patients. It offers a non-invasive way to diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions for our patients. However, the problem with veterinary ultrasound is that it’s not used enough because people don’t feel confident using it or charging for it.  And I have a spreadsheet of over 200 comments from vets who have taken my courses confirming that statement! 


Overcoming Challenges and Embracing Ultrasound


I’ll be honest, I used to feel the same way as many of these vets. I had a lack of awareness of ultrasound machines, was unsure about which probe to use, and was often frustrated by poor image quality. But after falling in love with ultrasound (yes, it’s possible) and enrolling in numerous courses, I sat down and thought about what I needed when learning to scan.


✔️Intensive support over a period of time

✔️Good demonstrations of how to scan specific organs

✔️Demonstrations of important pathology to look out for - a clear idea of what normal looks like!


My Epiphany and the Birth of FOVU


So, after scanning one too many practice patients (they may have been a bit confused as to why they were on my scanning table for so long) and receiving countless emails asking for help, I had an epiphany. I decided to use my years of experience as a working peripatetic veterinary ultrasonographer to create online courses for vets and veterinary nurses. Every professional in our field deserves to use ultrasound confidently to improve diagnoses for our patients. So, I rolled up my sleeves, dusted off my teaching skills, and got to work creating courses that will have you scanning like a pro in no time.

Introducing FOVU - First Opinion Veterinary Ultrasound


Learning ultrasound may seem daunting, with various challenges that veterinary professionals face when trying to upskill in this area. Lack of time, money, energy, and support often hold people back from learning ultrasound, which is why I established FOVU.

FOVU's mission is to help veterinary professionals upskill their ultrasound abilities through online courses and resources that provide intensive support over a period of time. The courses are designed to cater to different levels of experience and needs, all at an affordable price. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to expand your skills, FOVU has got your back!


Let’s take a quick look at the courses available:


Course 1: Scanning The Emergency Patient

This course is for you if: 

  • You want to quickly get up and running with emergency ultrasound and provide better care for your patients.
  • You lack confidence with an ultrasound machine and wouldn’t know where to start.
  • You want to confidently complete an emergency scan of the abdomen to spot free fluid or free gas.
  • You're overwhelmed by the emergency scanning jargon.
  • You would like to quickly set up your machine without fumbling about with the buttons.
  • You want to improve your diagnostic knowledge to rule in/out cardiac causes in dyspneic patients.

Course 2: Veterinary Ultrasound for Complete Beginners: The Basics

This course is for you if:

  • You want to develop your knowledge and skills in ultrasound.
  • You understand the value and benefits of using ultrasound but need help gaining confidence.
  • You lack confidence with your ultrasound machine settings and optimising images.
  • You want to feel comfortable identifying what is ‘normal’ and what is not.
  • You desire a structured approach to scanning instead of feeling clueless.
  • You need a flexible course that fits into your busy lifestyle
  • You want to feel confident enough about the value you are getting from a scan that you will not feel bad for charging clients


Course 3: Veterinary Ultrasound for Complete Beginners: The Trickier Bits

This course is for you if:

  • You want to expand your ultrasound and scanning skills and stay current with the latest technology and techniques in veterinary ultrasound.
  • You feel confident finding the large organs in the abdomen but need help finding the small parts.
  • You don't want to feel silly if you can't identify the images on the screen.
  • You want to confidently use your ultrasound machine, including optimising and understanding your colour Doppler settings.
  • You've been 'thinking about' upskilling for months but have been procrastinating and putting it off.
  • You're looking for a course that counts towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).
  • You want a course that fits into your busy schedule.


Course 4: Basic Echocardiography for the GP Vet

This course is for you if:

  • You want to elevate your diagnostic skills and gain confidence in performing cardiac ultrasounds.
  • You currently rely on others to perform cardiac ultrasounds.
  • You want to confidently use your ultrasound machine without fumbling around with its settings, unsure of what does what.
  • You want to identify heart disease confidently, enabling you to distinguish between when medication is needed or not.
  • You want to create a structured approach to scanning a heart, eliminating the time wasted feeling clueless and just getting by.
  • You want to gain valuable CPD that increases your confidence and knowledge without having to put in hours and hours of additional work.


Embark on a Learning Journey with FOVU


With FOVU's courses, you can choose the learning journey that suits you and start confidently identifying organs, understanding ultrasound physics and settings, recognising common pathologies, measuring GI thickness, detecting foreign bodies, performing heart scans, and much more. 


The courses provide a comprehensive approach to learning veterinary ultrasound, ensuring that you develop newfound confidence, consistency, and a structured/systematic approach to scanning. You will be able to recognise organs and understand images, whether they are normal or not.


Embrace the Fun and Rewards of Learning Ultrasound


But, let's be real here, learning ultrasound can also be a lot of fun! You get to play with a fuzzy probe thingy and see what's going on inside your patients. And who doesn't love solving a good medical mystery? Plus, learning new skills can be incredibly satisfying, and the benefits of upskilling in ultrasound are clear - providing the best possible care for our patients.


Don't Let Challenges Hold You Back


So, don't let the challenges hold you back. Take the time to invest in your skills and learn ultrasound with FOVU. Our courses are designed to overcome the barriers that often stop professionals from learning this vital skill. Whether it's a lack of confidence, limited time, or financial constraints, FOVU provides online courses and resources that cater to your needs.


Discover a Hidden Talent for Identifying Funny Fuzzy Images!


And who knows, by joining FOVU's courses, you might just discover a hidden talent for identifying those funny fuzzy images on the ultrasound screen. Unleash your potential, enhance your veterinary practice, and provide better care for your patients. Enrol in a FOVU course today and embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth in the field of veterinary ultrasound.


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